BooyahBoards Pinstripes Surfskate Deck 35.6″


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Wheelbase: 21 inch / 53 cm.
Width: 9.5″ / 24 cm 
Mellow Concave
Medium Flex
Super Lightweight
Single Kick / Swallow Tail

Deck Only / No Griptape

Works with all surf adapters and also makes an awesome cruiser. Only 10mm thick but more resilient than regular decks because of Epoxy Resin.

The BooyahBoards Pinstripes Surfskate Deck …

… A performance deck developed for park skating. 7-ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple Epoxy Resin deck with 3 colored plies. This top-notch deck is stronger plus more lightweight than similar regular decks. The deck is called ,,Pinstripes” coming along with a special, very mild flex. The wide, comfy tail is perfect for park skating. It’s freakin’ fast but still super nimble.

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